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中国品牌在《2021 中国品牌价值500强》榜单表现稳健,品牌总价值超过人民币13兆元
中国品牌在国际性危机中表现稳健—— 2021年中国500强榜单( Brand Finance China 500 ranking )的品牌总价值保持稳定,超过人民币 13兆元 粤港澳大湾区共有 134个品牌跻身2021年中国品牌价值500强榜单,是中国最有价值品牌的重要聚集地 银行业保持领先地位,共有 85个品牌上榜,占据了榜单总价值的22%,其中工商银行蝉联中国最有价值的品牌 中国在应对全球突发疫情方面表现优异,医药行业品牌价值增幅最大,达惊人的 114% 随着消费习惯向线上转移,零售和媒体文化行业也出现了惊人的增长,上榜品牌总价值分别增长了 … read more
China’s Top 500 Brands Show Resilience as Total Brand Value Stands at Nearly $2 Trillion
Chinese brands show resilience in face of international crisis – total value of Brand Finance China 500 ranking remains stable – standing at US$1.94 trillion in 2021 With 134 brands represented in ranking, Greater Bay Area is home to more … read more
Deloitte Dominates as World’s Most Valuable & Strongest Commercial Services Brand
World’s top commercial services brands lose brand value as they grapple with COVID-19 turmoil, according to latest Brand Finance study extended to cover top 100 brands Deloitte remains world’s most valuable and strongest commercial services brand with brand value of … read more
Top Finnish Brands Show Resilience in Face of Global COVID Crisis
Total brand value of Finland’s top 25 most valuable brands dropped 3% from €25.2 billion in 2020 to €24.3 billion in 2021 following devastating COVID-19 pandemic Nokia defends title of most valuable brand despite considerable drop in brand value – … read more
World’s Top 50 Cosmetics Brands Lose Over $12 Billion Worth of Brand Value
Total value of world’s top 50 most valuable cosmetics brands has declined by 9% as sector negotiates fallout from COVID-19 pandemic L’Oréal retains title of world’s most valuable cosmetics brand, brand value US$10.2 billion Yves Rocher is sector’s fastest growing … read more
Missouri’s Most Valuable Brands of 2021 Revealed
Purina is Missouri’s most valuable brand, with a brand value of US$9.1 billion Enterprise (US$6.7 billion) and Centene Corporation (US$4.9 billion) complete Missouri’s top three Purina also recorded the fastest brand value growth in Missouri this year, up 14% from … read more
California’s Most Valuable Brands of 2021 Revealed
Five years since it last held top spot, Apple is California’s, America’s, and the World’s most valuable brand, with a brand value of US$263.4 billion Google (US$191.2 billion) and Facebook (US$81.5 billion) complete California’s top three Tesla has recorded fastest … read more
New Jersey’s Most Valuable Brands of 2021 Revealed
Johnson & Johnson is New Jersey’s most valuable brand, with a brand value of US$10.8 billion   Cognizant (US$8.0 billion) and Chubb (US$7.3 billion) complete New Jersey’s top three   Arm & Hammer has recorded fastest brand value growth in New Jersey  … read more
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