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Minnesota’s Most Valuable Brands of 2021 Revealed
United Healthcare is Minnesota’s most valuable brand, with a brand value of US$27.3 billion Target (US$20.7 billion) and Optum (US$12.4 billion) complete Minnesota’s top three Target also recorded the fastest brand value growth in Minnesota this year, up 30% from … read more
New York’s Most Valuable Brands of 2021 Revealed
Verizon is New York’s most valuable brand, with a brand value of US$68.9 billion Citi (US$32.2 billion) and Chase (US$28.8 billion) complete New York’s top three Bristol-Myers Squib has recorded fastest brand value growth in New York this year, up … read more
Immune from COVID-collapse: China Dominates Real Estate Ranking with 97% of Total Brand Value
Total value of world’s top 25 real estate brands increases by 8% - China dominates ranking with 23 brands  Evergrande leads sector for fourth consecutive year despite brand value drop of 2% to US$20.2 billion  Greentown enters ranking for first … read more
World’s Top Insurance Brands Lose Nearly $30 Billion in Brand Value
Total value of world’s top 100 most valuable insurance brands has declined by 6% as sector negotiates fallout from COVID-19 pandemic Ping An retains title of world’s most valuable insurance brand, brand value US$44.8 billion China Life overtakes Allianz to … read more
Mapfre y Grupo Catalana Occidente las únicas dos aseguradoras españolas en el ranking mundial de marcas de seguros valiosas
Las marcas de seguros más valiosas del mundo pierden casi 35 mil millones de euros en valor de marca En un contexto internacional adverso, las marcas españolas demuestran su solidez Con un valor de 3,1 mil millones de euros, Mapfre, … read more
Pennsylvania’s Most Valuable Brands of 2021 Revealed
Xfinity is Pennsylvania’s most valuable brand, with a brand value of US$25.2 billion PNC (US$6.8 billion) and AmerisourceBergen (US$4.3 billion) complete Pennsylvania’s top three Dick’s Sporting Goods has recorded fastest brand value growth in Pennsylvania this year, up 28% from … read more
Britain’s Top Brands Lose £30 Billion due to COVID-19
Value of Britain’s 150 biggest brands has fallen by £30 billion in last year, as economic effects of COVID-19 ravage key brands and sectors Two thirds of brands in Brand Finance UK 150 2021 ranking have lost value, including all … read more
Google Claims Title of Most Valuable Media Brand as Digital Platforms Power through Pandemic
Search engines included in Brand Finance’s annual ranking of world’s most valuable media brands for first time, with Google claiming top spot – brand value nearly US$200 billion Global sensation TikTok breaks right into top 10 most valuable media brands … read more
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