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The USA's Most Valuable Banking Brands

02 February 2015
This article is more than 6 years old.

Chinese Brands Threaten America’s Banking Primacy

  • Chinese Bank brands overtake major US names
  • Citi, BoA and Chase all lose out to ICBC and China Construction Bank
  • US brand values up a modest 4% in contrast to 29% for China
  • Wells Fargo remains the world’s most valuable bank brand however

The Brand Finance Banking 500, conducted by leading brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance, and published in the February edition of The Banker, is a league table of the world’s biggest banks, ranked by their brand value.

America’s banks remain the most valuable in the world. 60 American bank brands feature in the global top 500, with a cumulative brand value of $201bn. Wells Fargo is not just the most valuable banking brand in the US, but across the world. Its brand value now stands at just short of $35 billion.

However there is no room for complacency. JP Morgan Chief Executive Jamie Dimon recently expressed concerns that overregulated western banks might be superseded by Chinese brands. They have long been underestimated. Nervousness of their financial clout has been muted by a feeling that their brands were underdeveloped and lacked traction outside China. However the results of this year’s Brand Finance Banking 500 would appear to bear Dimon’s fears out; Chinese brands have well and truly arrived.

Citi, BoA and Chase, America’s 2nd, 3rd and 4th most valuable bank brands have been overtaken by both ICBC and China Construction Bank. When the world’s bank brands are ranked by the brand value they have added this year, six of the top ten are Chinese, including five of the top six. China Construction Bank has added nearly $7.5 billion. Though Chinese banks have a long way to go before making an impact domestically, they are clearly disrupting western hegemony in international banking.

US bank brands have in fact performed relatively well, especially in comparison to European banks. The improving economy means that despite the legacy of regulatory infractions continuing to impact brand strength, the year on year change for total bank brand value is +4% for the US. For Spain the figure is -2%, the UK -3%, Italy -5%, Germany -6% and France -19%.

Brand Finance’s North American Managing Director, Edgar Baum comments that “the international push of the banking sector is no longer coming from American banks. Rather it is aggressive Asian banks, led by the largest Chinese banks as well as select Canadian and European banks that are expanding their footprints and exploring what it means to be international. The value generated is reflected in the sustained growth of these institutions over the past several years. This may also be due to the fact that the American banking landscape, for the most part, is still very fragmented with opportunities for consolidation as banks are increasingly under pressure to have a 24 hours presence through online and mobile banking expectations.”

Further afield, QNB is the most valuable bank from the Middle East or Africa. Its brand value is up 44% to $2.6bn. It exemplifies the rapid growth of many Gulf and developing world banking brands. The top ten fastest growing countries are Morocco (+98%), India (+61%), Nigeria (+52%), UAE (+45%), Colombia (+44%), Qatar (+44%), the Philippines (+43%), Saudi Arabia (+40%), China (+29%) and Bahrain (+29%).


Note to Editors

Brand values for 2015 are calculated in USD with a valuation date of 1/1/15.

The study has been published annually in the February edition of the Financial Times’ ‘The Banker’ magazine since 2006. Full results can be found on Brand Finance’s website or at from February 2nd.

To coincide with the release of the Banker / Brand Finance Banking 500, Brand Finance is hosting an event on February 10th. Speakers include Mark Mullen, chief executive of Atom Bank, David Yates, chief executive of Vocalink, Brian Spoule, chief economist at the IOD and Brian Caplen, editor of The Banker. More information can be found on our events website. To attend please email

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