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Pennsylvania’s Most Valuable Brands of 2021 Revealed

22 April 2021
  • Xfinity is Pennsylvania’s most valuable brand, with a brand value of US$25.2 billion
  • PNC (US$6.8 billion) and AmerisourceBergen (US$4.3 billion) complete Pennsylvania’s top three
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods has recorded fastest brand value growth in Pennsylvania this year, up 28% from 2020
  • Pennsylvania has 12 brands among America’s most valuable 500, the 15th highest total – California leads with 87 brands, followed by New York (69), and Texas (43)
  • Hershey’s is Pennsylvania’s strongest brand, with a Brand Strength Index (BSI) score of 85.8 out of 100

Every year, leading brand consultancy Brand Finance puts thousands of the world’s biggest brands to the test, evaluating their strength and quantifying their value. America’s 500 most valuable brands (classified by state) are included in the Brand Finance US 500 2021 ranking. Highlights at the national level include:

  • Five years since it last held top spot, Apple is America’s and the World’s most valuable brand, with a brand value of US$263.4 billion
  • Coca-Cola has overtaken Disney as America’s strongest brand, with a BSI score of 91.7 out of 100
  • COVID-19 has had clear effects – America’s airlines have decreased in brand value across the board, with Boeing down 40% to $13.6 billion
  • Hospitality suffers from travel and dining restrictions – Marriott is America’s fastest falling hotel brand, dropping nearly 200 spots after 60% decrease in brand value


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