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Investing in Strong Brands Doubles Returns over S&P Average

14 December 2015
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It has long been acknowledged that powerful brands drive consumer choice, improving business performance and ultimately increasing shareholder value. However, for the first time the extent of this effect has been quantified.

Valuation and strategy agency Brand Finance has been tracking the brand values of hundreds and thousands of the world’s top brands for nearly ten years. For the first time it has taken a retrospective look at the share price of the brands it has assessed, revealing a compelling link between strong brands and market performance.

The most striking finding is that an investment strategy based on the most highly branded companies (those where brand value makes up a particularly high proportion of overall enterprise value) would have led to a return almost double that of the average for the S&P 500 as a whole.

Between 2007 and 2015, the average return across the S&P was 49%. However by using Brand Finance’s data, an active investor could have generated a return of up to 97%. Investing in companies with a brand value to enterprise (BV/EV) ratio of greater than 30% would have generated a return of 94%. Investing exclusively in the 10 companies with the highest BV/EV ratios would have resulted in a 96% return.

There was a similar, though lesser, effect for brands rated as AAA or AAA+ according to Brand Finance’s Brand Strength Index (BSI™). This is the system Brand Finance uses to determine the royalty rate to be applied to a brand’s revenue information as part of a brand value calculation. A letter grade or ‘brand rating’, analogous to a credit rating, is awarded to each brand based on the results of its BSI™ assessment. A strategy based on investment in all AAA and AAA+ rated brands would have led to a return of 54% over the eight years from 2007. However if only top-rated US brands were targeted, the return would have been 87%.

Brand Finance Chief Executive David Haigh comments, “Investors should treat the findings cautiously and speak to Brand Finance before embarking on a brand-value-based investment strategy. However these findings demonstrate clearly the fundamental role played by brands in driving business performance. Anyone tasked with delivering for or reporting to shareholders should have brand strength and brand value at the forefront of their mind.”


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