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17 March 2014
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Welcome to the Brand Finance US 500. In the first and only study of its kind, leading brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance has put all of America’s listed companies to the test to determine how much their brands are really worth. The top 500 most valuable brands that make the list are all able to claim membership of the ‘Billion Dollar Brands Club’.


 ALL of America’s top 500 brands are worth in excess of $1 billion
 There are approximately 15,000 listed companies in the US but only 519 billion dollar brands
 The total brand value of America’s top 500 brands is $2.5 trillion

America’s Most Valuable Brand

  • Apple is the first and only brand to be valued at over $100 billion
  • It has been crowned the world’s most valuable for 3 consecutive years
  • Its $105 billion brand value is more than the totals of 44

Tech Takeover

  • Tech is the most valuable sector in the Brand Finance US 500, making up 23% of the total
  • The 52 tech brands collectively generate over $550 billion of brand value
  • Half of this value is generated in California, or Silicon Valley to be precise, home to brands such as; Apple (brand value $105bn, 1st in the US), Google ($69bn/2nd), Intel ($23bn/18th), Oracle ($21bn/22nd), HP ($20bn/24th), Ebay ($13bn/37th), Facebook ($10bn/48th) Salesforce ($2.6bn/223rd), LinkedIn ($2.2bn/278th) and Twitter ($1.5bn/375th)
  • Tech brands based outside California include Washington’s Microsoft ($63bn/3rd) & Amazon ($45bn/7th), Connecticut’s ($7bn/65th) and Xerox ($4bn/124th), New York’s IBM ($42bn/9th), and Dell ($8bn/55th) from Texas
  • Paypal ($7bn/64th) and Netflix ($3.2bn/174th) are this year’s biggest tech winners, increasing their brand values by 102% and 93%, respectively. With no notable losers, the technology sector will continue to be the primary generator of brand value in the foreseeable future.
  • However, the success of technology brands comes at the expense of ‘real world’ brands. Retail is the latest sector to fall victim to technology with Walmart ($44.8bn/8th), once America’s most valuable brand, being overtaken by Amazon ($45.1bn/7th). Walmart has struggled to keep up with Amazon’s range and speed of delivery, providing customers with a simpler way to buy goods that would otherwise draw shoppers to Walmart’s ‘Supercentres’. As a result, Amazon grew 23% whilst Walmart staggers behind at 6%

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