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Brand Spotlight: Tech Mahindra

David Graham
26 January 2021

Recognised as one of the faster growing IT Services brands in 2020, Tech Mahindra’s brand value saw a robust growth of 21% over the last two years ensuring it features amongst the global top 15 IT services brands in 2021.

This success can be attributed to Tech Mahindra’s actions to strengthen its brand presence on a global scale to fulfil its promise of ‘Connected World. Connected Experiences’. Global Chief People Officer and Head of Marketing Harshvendra Soin explains why it is important to invest in advanced analytics and machine learning to thrive in the age of digital transformation.

In the past few years, the brand’s strategic investments and global partnerships have further strengthened its value in the league of global IT service providers. Staying true to being known as a ‘Brand for Purpose’, Tech Mahindra has consistently emerged as a leader in sustainability, people centricity, and as a preferred partner to drive digital transformation agenda for customers.

Tech Mahindra is focused on leveraging next-generation technologies including Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, 5G and more, to disrupt and enable digital transformation, and to build cutting-edge technology solutions and services for customers globally. Tech Mahindra promises to deliver next-level human-centered experiences of the future and end-to-end transformation for its customers and stakeholders driving collaborative disruption with synergies arising from its’ robust portfolio of companies like BORN Group, Pininfarina, BIO, VitalTech, Tenzing, Momenton, among others.

It’s a double star for the brand Tech Mahindra as it has not only seen a jump in rankings, it has also moved up in Brand Strength into AA category – a result of concerted Brand Activation Programs and Global business outreach.

Interview with Harshvendra Soin

Harshvendra Soin, Global Chief People Officer and Head of Marketing, Tech Mahindra
Harshvendra Soin, Global Chief People Officer and Head of Marketing, Tech Mahindra

How has marketing in this challenging year impacted strategies in the sector; How has Tech Mahindra differentiated itself in these conditions for now and the future?

There has been a spurt in the use of online platforms to communicate brand values and reach out to stakeholders. With everyone going digital, the team was encouraged to re-think and re-align marketing strategies and meet customer requirements by delivering solutions in diverse technologies across multiple domains and verticals including digital commerce, marketing analytics and campaigns, and online experience management. At Tech Mahindra, during the pandemic, we have lived our brand philosophy of “Connected World. Connected Experience”, finding new digital solutions for business operations to help our customers overcome their challenges. The success of our programs lies in 3Cs – Connect, Change, Create. Connect: A connection that is well-intended and in keeping with sensitives will be a differentiator. COVID-19 has changed the face of marketing making concur to the circle of empathy, trust, and necessity. Change: The pandemic has caused a tectonic shift in the world and for us it has brought in a new set of stakeholders and therefore the purchase cycles have been extended. B2B marketers will need to shift their mindset from lead-focused to supporting the full buyer journey. Create: As we return to the new normal some things will be irreversible. Brands may need to create their own permanent differentiated omnichannel touchpoints and look to creating self-service platforms instead of in-person selling.

How is marketing working differently to enable sales to engage more with prospects and customers virtually?

The pandemic has seen a phenomenal shift in customer engagement, and it has not only transformed how businesses were run but also changed the way they communicated within themselves and to the entire ecosystem. The customer and service provider are at an equal footing for neither is more-ready or forewarned, so customers are indeed looking at service providers to construct workable models – developing a solution through interactions and engagement is a mutual need. For a purpose of real engagement, the business needs to qualify its value proposition in three categories of NOW, NEXT, and NEXT NOW which essentially means that NOW offerings address the immediate needs of the business, such as cost efficiencies and continuity, NEXT offerings focus on the Return to Work and digital efficiencies, and the NEXT NOW offerings are the strategic value proposition of helping customers be future-ready. Distant but connected should be the motto of the businesses with a zero degree of separation, and engagement must be in the form of stories, either people stories or stories of personal triumph or good delivery, but engagement is an important aspect.

How will Technology disrupt the current Customer Experience and what will we see in the next few years?

Technology is the core enabler, driving disruptions in businesses across sectors, making them future-ready to meet the dynamic needs of the customer. Over the next few years, digital transformation will be accelerated by the active adoption of technology in business operations. A confluence of these technologies will further enhance customer experience, allowing them smarter moments which in turn will earn loyalty, trust, and growth for companies. Organisations must now focus on employing comprehensive investment strategies across the full suite of digital technologies, from advanced analytics to machine learning. These investments correlate positively with financial profit and growth, demonstrating not just the advantages but also the need for digital transformation as the world transitions to new ways of working and enhanced customer expectations.

The next years of transformation will be driven by enhanced and personalised ‘human-centered’ experiences, providing profound customer insights, technology enablers, and operations capabilities to help transform & partner customers to embrace digital disruption.

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