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BrandFinance® Annual Forum 2010

25 October 2010, 06:3026 October 2010, 18:00 UK Time

Every CEO, CFO, CMO, Brand Manager and Agency professional wants to know what consumers really think about their communications. For many years the big questions have kept coming back...

  • What is best practice in brand advertising?
  • Is there evidence of a long term value add to brands from advertising?
  • Which parts of our communications activity provides the most value?
  • How can we amplify the value of our marketing spend?
  • How can we improve the marketing process for greater efficiency?
  • Can we truly measure and articulate the value of advertising to brand equity?

For the past 15 years Brand Finance has been at the centre of the branding sector, working with strongly branded organisations to help them maximize value through effective management of intangible assets.

As part of that process we host an annual forum which focuses on the value of a series of trends and influences to brands and businesses. This year, as the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising celebrates 30 years of their Advertising Effectiveness Awards, we will scrutinise the value of advertising to brands.

The advertising of brands is a US$450 billion business, yet are we totally clear about the correlation between spend and brand equity? Moreover, Brand Finance research indicates that as much as 62% of the World's business is now intangible – what are the implications for M&A, bid defence and balance sheet valuations?

We hope you can join us as we take an objective look at the evidence and aim to answer these key questions with help from some of the leading figures in our industry including our keynote speaker John A. Quelch, Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School.

Who Should Attend

The delegates of previous forums have included CEOs, CMOs and CFOs of business to business and consumer facing brands at the national and international level. Academics, marketers, advertising consultants, politicians and senior NGO staff have also found our events of great interest. The Brand Finance Forum 2010 ‘Understanding the Value of Advertising’ will be our largest event to date with a greater range and seniority of speakers than ever before.


13.45 - 14.00


14.00 - 14.15

Welcome address

Prof. Malcolm McDonald
Emeritus Professor of Marketing
Cranfield School of Business

14.15 - 14.30

Setting the stage

Prof. Don Schultz
Emeritus Professor of Integrated Marketing Communication
Medill School, North Western University

14.30 - 15.05

‘Creating a consumer-built brand: Why the category ideal is the blueprint that matters’

Amy Shea
Executive VP, Director of Brand Development
Brand Keys, Inc.

15.05 - 15.40

‘Measuring the outputs: For your brand to become one large global sales-force’

Oscar Jamhouri

15.40 - 16.30

‘A Financial View of Advertising and Marketing Communications in an Interactive Marketplace’

Prof. Don Schultz
Emeritus Professor of Integrated Marketing Communication
Medill School, North Western University

16.30 - 16.45



16.45 - 17.15

‘Various case studies on advertising development and campaigns’


17.15 - 17.55

Panel Session

Chaired by:

  • Prof. Rajendra K Srivastava, SMU
  • Prof. Malcolm McDonald, Cranfield School of Business
  • Nigel Gilbert, Lloyds Banking Group plc
  • Don Schultz, Medill School, NWU
  • Amy Shea, Brand Keys, Inc.
  • Oscar Jamhouri, Integration-imc

17.55 - 18.55

‘Creative part of advertising’

Jagdip Bakshi
Global Business Director, JWT

18.55 - 19.00

Concluding remarks

David Haigh
Chief Executive
Brand Finance plc

25 October 2010, 06:3026 October 2010, 18:00 UK Time
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