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Brand Finance at the International Cultural Diplomacy Forum

10 November 2020, 11:45–12:50

The International Cultural Diplomacy Forum is a professional platform to discuss current approaches to countries presentation on the international arena through the means of culture, and establishment of cultural relations.

The Forum gathers leading professionals from Ukraine and the world to exchange the best practices and find inclusive solutions of the new cultural diplomacy in times of crisis, global threats, and uncertainty.

Steve Thomson, Insights Director at Brand Finance, delivered a presentation and participated in a Q&A discussion on the economic transformation of Central & Eastern Europe following the collapse of communism.

The full event recording is available to view online here.


Steve Thomson
Insight Director
Brand Finance

Steve Thomson leads the survey component of the Global Soft Power Index programme. He has a wealth of experience gained across a 30+ year career focussing on understanding consumer values, attitudes and behaviour around the world. Steve leads the market research practice at Brand Finance including management of our proprietary research programme in over 30 markets. He has widespread expertise in consumer values and trends, brand positioning and strategy, public opinion, nation branding, and advertising effectiveness. He has direct research experience in 60 markets across a diverse range of cultures, from single-market deep-dives through to the management of large global insight programmes. He is an acknowledged expert on the impact of social forces (online social media and offline word-of-mouth) on brand choices, and how these drive commercial outcomes for brand owners. As such he is a regular speaker at industry conferences.


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